Based in Nairobi Kenya, Tafari Studios is a media based firm with a specific focus on architectural photography and videography.
We combine our passion and enthusiasm for architectural design with our expertise in video and photography to bring out the best representation of interior and exterior spaces.
Scope of Work:

Hotel & Restaurant
Interior Design
Exterior Design

Meet your Creative Partner


Hi, I’m Tim, a seasoned photographer having spent many years working in the field of photography, previously in the portrait, wedding and commercial spaces. Throughout my career however, I have always had a love for design, and specifically architectural design. I love beautiful spaces, and what better way to have a fulfilling life than to combine my passion and my expertise.

With that in mind, my vision is to give your space a voice and communicate the soul of your space. As Einstein once said, “a picture is worth 1000 words”. For me, “A great picture is worth 10,000 paragraphs”.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you bring out the magic of space.

Our Simple Process


Recon and Walkthrough

Once you contact us, we get into understanding your project and space so that we may know your vision of the space and how we can best help you achieve it.


Capture the beauty of the space

We then come into your space and capture the beauty that has been built and bought into it.


Retouch this, Edit that and Voila!

With all the images saved, we go and do impactful tweaks to the images so that we may highlight, even better, all the good your space has to offer.


Deliver and Review Project Goals

We understand that this is way beyond just images. It is the recording of a legacy project. It is the documentation of a job well done. It is the showcasing of value to your clients. We review if we met those goals.